Fruit Oils

Who actually wants to apply fruits when you could eat them? But for those who seek to use fruit oils…we totally get it…they do smell nice plus there are benefits that come with its application on skin.

fruit oils


Though these oils should be diluted before application. These fruits include:

  1. Peach oil kerneloil.jpg

Has great doses of antioxidants with anti-ageing compounds.


Helps soothe skin inflammation

Treats super sensitive skin.

Moisturizes skin amazingly due to the polyunsaturated fatty acids extracted from the kernel of the fruit.

  1. Grape seed oil


Locks in skin’s natural moisture

Used in aromatherapy after being combined with carrier oils

Nourishes and strengthens skin cell membrane

  1. Apricot oil.

Extracts are derived from apricot kernel

Moisturizes skin


Soothes irritating skin and it is a major ingredient in cosmetic products

For those with dry itchy skin can apply apricot kernel oil to damp skin

  1. Pomegranate oil.


Super high in anti-oxidant and has potent anti-ageing compounds

Chief ingredient in anti-ageing creams and serums.

Reduces wrinkles thus helps in firming the skin.

Helps moisturizes skin

Improves elasticity of skin

  1. Avocado oil


Moisturized skin

Has regenerative properties.

Protects skin from harmful radical damage.

Retains skin elasticity

  1. Coconut oil.

coconut-oil-wooden-sppoon (1).jpg

Acts as skin moisturizer

Helps in treating dry skin problem

Applying it topically protects you from the sun

Also helps in healing dry skin on the feet.

  1. Passion fruit oil.

passion fruit oil.jpg

High in oxidants and is considered great for skin.

Maintain membrane structure of the skin.

Contains Vitamin A good for growth and repair of the cell.

Helps in treating skin inflammation and itching

It helps treat acne.

  1. Cherry oil


High in anti oxidants

Rejuvenates the skin

Helps in improving skin elasticity

Enhances skin tone.

Helps in slowing down skin ageing.

Acts as sunscreen.

  1. Black currant oil.

Contains Omega 6

black current oil.jpg

Helps nourish skin and lock skin’s natural moisture.

Treats skin inflammation

Treats acne.

Reduces wrinkles

Prevents the loss of natural skin moisture.



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