Essential Oils

Essential oils are super popular to the majority for its awesome benefits…but the majority don’t actually know its demerits and its capability to harm their body if used in the wrong way.


Okay understand this: Essential oils are not really oils that is why they have to be diluted in oils, because they are actually volatile compounds obtained from plant materials through distillation or maceration in warm water.

Demerits include:

  1. Skin discoloration, burns and sores.

Essential oils with photo-sensitizing oils are pretty notorious to the skin since the oils actually burn in the presence of sunlight…or strong light for that matter.


They include;

  • Bergamot essential oils
  • Lemon essential oils
  • Cumin essential oil

    2 . Danger to babies and pregnant women.

The essential oils they use should be heavily diluted…that is if they even have to.

As a pregnant woman or a breast-feeding one, your safest bet is to just use recommended products.



The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy actually suggests that they avoid the following:

  • Sage essential oil
  • Mugwort essential oil
  • Tarragon essential oil
  • Wintergreen essential oil
  1. Skin irritation and itching

This is a personal experience. I bought peppermint essential oil because I had a severe headache.  A friend of mine actually recommended it, and it actually worked after I rubbed it on the back of my neck. Until the itching started…my skin was literally on fire!

oil ingredients

Moral lesson: Always do a skin test before applying anything you not sure off. I mean anything!



Others that may cause similar side effects include;

  • lemon grass essential oil
  • Cinnamon leaf essential oil
  • Bay essential oil
  1. Danger to small pests

essential oils

For all you with guinea pigs and the like ( I mean small creatures) as pets, do not…I repeat DO NOT use essential oils on them unless well a veterinary doctors asks you to.

  1. Dangerous interaction with pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing conditions include asthma and heart problems. Inhaling some of these oils can cause serious side effects.

So if you have such issues…DO NOT even be tempted.

Unless a Trained Aromatherapist is helping you out. Emphasis on TRAINED!

  1. Illness or death when swallowed.

Essential oil…or at least most of them are skin related so swallowing or oral use is…just well (no offence intended) dumb. Unless a medical profession actually advice’s you to.


Some of these essential oils may be toxic, others highly irritating when kept in for too long.

 Enough with the scare.

Don’t be afraid to use essential oils, just use them wisely.

If you have a sensitive skin, you could still reap the benefits of essential oil in a different way…by use of a Diffuser.


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