Macerated Oils

Well mineral oils as earlier concluded was not a product we all preffered to use all our years!

So instead i found a substitute…

Say hello to Infused oils,also known as mecerated oils.


Mercerated oils. 2

The benefits actually depend on you. Guess what? You can actually make it at home using plant materials and oils of your choice.


  1. A Quality fixed Oil- such as Jojoba Oil,Coconut oil(which is mostly for hair products), Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil
  2. Plant Material to be infused,(It could be any plant you desire, just has to be dry).
  3. 5% Vitamin E Oil or Wheat Germ.



  1. Put the plant material to be infused in a clean, transparent and air tight container. My emphasis on the dryness of the plant is to avoid risk of micro biological infections.
  2. Add the Quality fixed oil of your choice over the top and make sure that all plant material is covered by the oil.
  3. Include 5% of Vitamin E or Wheat Germ Oil. Some oils are vulnerable to racindity so it a great idea to include vitamin E before you start the process.

Okay the Vitamin E can help stop your oils from going rancid.So maybe you would want to know if your oil has gone rancid…well check out for these signs:

  • It’ll smell strange
  • It’ll look cloudy
  1. Cover the container with a fitting lid
  2. Introduce heat to the mixture.


You could do it the:

  • Traditional way- sunlight for three week in a row…but well some of us are anxious to start.
  • Modern method- involves the use of double boiler for an hour or Slow cooker overnight. Your choice!

But remember to keep the heat as low as possible.

You certainly don’t want to over heat the oil or scorch the plant material, or even end up frying the plant material!

  1. Stir gently and shake mixture every single day. I encourage transfer of the oil soluble chemicals into the plant material.
  1. After sometime you will notice that your base oil has achieved a new colour. Well this is a really good sign.
  1. So then strain or filter the herbs and put the new colourful product into a sterilized air tight container.
  2. Label it.
  3. Store in dark cool place…no sunlight or heat.

Ahem!! You have your very own colourful, incredibly scented Macerated oil.

Okay so just in case you need a few guide lines on plant material to use, here are a couple:


  • Mexican Marigold petals– they do not have a pleasant scent but are very useful as anti-inflammatory and has shown great success in healing balm.
  • saint-john-flowering-
  • St. John’s Wort buds– this one is a healer, it treats bruises and mild burns and also speeds up wound healing.
  • Carrot– seems pretty ordinary but you’ll be surprised by its effect on skin, which is incredible for instance:

1.  Moisturizes and tones the skin

                             2.  Helps nourish dry skin.

                             3.  Vitamin A keeps cell membrane healthy

                             4.  Natural tan enhancer gives skin golden glow

                             5.  Speeds healing in skin

                             6.  Conditions the hair

                             7.  Beneficial for eczema and psoriasis.

sea buckthorn

  • Sea Buckthorn– this one is a miracle worker. I mean it is valued for its rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties. You can find it in expensive shop bought cosmetics.
  • Vanilla- you mix this with Jojoba oil and the product is incredibly beautiful scent of oil that is if your aim is purely scent related…this one is an ideal option…I made this one just in case you are wondering which one I chose.



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